Registrations and Insurance

Effective July 15th, the State of Alaska began requiring proof of insurance when renewing registration or transferring ownership on a vehicle. This requirement is based on Alaska Statute 28.22.011; which mandates vehicle insurance in the State of Alaska. If you have current Alaska insurance, we will be able to verify it using the Alaska Insurance Verification System (AKIVS). 90% of Alaska insurance carriers participate in the AKIVS. If you are not in the AKVIS system, you will be required to provide proof of current vehicle insurance within the last 30 days.

The State of Alaska estimates that almost a third (30%) of Alaskans are driving vehicles that are not insured. If you are an out of state driver, or would like to have an Alaska vehicle registration, you will also have to comply with this new statute.

We appreciate your understanding.  Please know our goal is to provide you all of the services of a regular DMV, only much faster and for a small fee.

Thank you!

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