Many people do not realize that UMV is a locally-owned, private, small business.  Our business model is based on time savings, and is meant for people who place a value on their time.  We charge convenience fees on all of our transactions because we receive zero money from the State of Alaska.  The most common questions we receive are to check the price of registrations and title services.

There are many variables that affect costs.  The following ranges are inclusive of our convenience fees.  If you have a question, just come in to your closest UMV branch to find out specific costs for your exact year and vehicle.  We are happy to help.

Anchorage and Matsu

2018 or older - $190-$260
2019 or newer - $240-$290


$130 - $160

Soldotna (Kenai Peninsula)

2018 or older - $180 - $250
2019 or newer - $190 - $280


At UMV, we offer customized solutions tailored to fit your exact company needs.  No matter the size of your commercial fleet, we can take away all the headache and stress of keeping all of your vehicles up to date.

Thank you for your trust and business,

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