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New Process for Boat Registration and Title

For years Alaskan boat owners haven't had to prove boat ownership when they registered their boat.  That has changed and a tiered system now exists to help qualifying boat owners transition towards obtaining a title in addition to registration, depending on the owner’s documents.

If ownership cannot be established a boat title cannot be issued, and the boat registration must be marked ‚ÄúNo Title Issued (NTI)‚ÄĚ.

If after three years the ‚ÄúNo Title Issued‚ÄĚ registration remains uncontested and there is no undisclosed security interest in the boat, a certificate of title may be issued.


Registration Requirements 

Alaska Statute 05.25.055 requires all boats not specifically exempted to be registered including the following boats:

  1. previously documented boats
  2. barges
  3. sport fishing guide boats (regardless of length)
  4. tenders

All must be registered with the State of Alaska unless specifically exempt. (Exempt boats include Non-Boats; Non-powered Boats; Registered elsewhere; Owned by a Government or A foreign documented boat)


Title Requirements 

Alaska Statute 05.25.056 requires the owner of an¬†undocumented boat or a boat registered with the US Coast Guard (that is subject to registration and that is more than 24 feet) to apply for a certificate of title or ‚ÄúNo Title Issued (NTI)‚ÄĚ registration.

Titling of an undocumented boat less than 24 feet in length is optional.

Due to the new titling requirement, online renewal is not available for boats more than 24 feet in length and your application for title must be made in-person here at the UMV.

Like motor vehicles, boat owners are now required to disclose lien and security interest details on the application or demonstrate satisfaction of the lien before receiving the title.


What Documents are Required

Bring ONE of these documents to prove boat ownership and obtain a title and registration:
  • The original manufacturer‚Äôs certificate of origin (MCO)
  • The original manufacturer‚Äôs statement of origin (MSO)
  • The boat title¬†and¬†registration from the previous state of ownership
  • Completed¬†CG-1261 Builders Certification
Bring ONE of these documents to register your boat and/or to start your 3 year waiting period for a title:
  • Any of the documents listed in the ownership section, above
  • A copy of the current Certificate of Documentation issued by the U.S. Coast Guard
  • The boat registration from the previous state of ownership, when the owner does not have the title because:
    • the previous state does not issue boat titles
    • the boat has an active lien
    • the previous state title or MCO/MSO is lost or destroyed
  • A bill of sale from a boat dealer or the previous owner
  • An affidavit of ownership (found on the boat application)
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