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Vehicle Title Solutions

We process your title instantly, which means you walk away with new title in hand.

Are you Buying or Selling a Vehicle?

We highly recommend the buyer and seller meet at one of our convenient locations to complete the transfer of ownership. We will verify the vehicle has a clear title and process the title transfer to the new owner before you walk away. Did you misplace your title? We can replace a missing title! We can also remove a lien holder and update the vehicle record to show your vehicle was sold.

Valid government issued identification required for ALL transactions

What to bring with you:

​​Transfer of Ownership

  • Title or Manufacturers Certificate of Origin (MCO) with transfer of ownership and odometer statement complete
  • License plate or VIN number
  • Lien release letter if previously financed

Lien Release

  • Original title with lien released or
  • Lien satisfaction letter from previous lienholder

Vehicle Transfer Notification

  • License plate or VIN number
  • Buyer’s name and address or
  • Notice from bottom of title

Proof of Insurance

  • Proof of insurance dated within the last 30 days that is equivalent to the State of Alaska insurance requirements ( 50k / 100k / 25k).

NOTE: The Vehicle Transfer Notification does NOT take the vehicle out of your name. It is simply a note in the system showing the vehicle was sold.

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