As of now you can apply for a REAL ID compliant ID at UMV! Some important items you should know are below:

  • January 2,2019 is the first day you can choose to obtain the REAL ID/license in Alaska!
  • A real ID is optional. Alaskans will have a choice between a REAL ID/license and the current Alaska ID/license.
  • Starting in October 2020, you will need the REAL ID/license or other approved identification to enter federal facilities, access military bases and to board a commercial airplane.
  • To get a REAL ID/license you will have to apply in person and provide identity documentation even if you previously submitted them. Items you will need include Proof of Identity, Proof of US Citizenship, Permanent Residency, or other Lawful Status, Proof of Social Security Number, 2 Documents verifying Alaska Residency, and Proof of name change if applicable. You can find a list of approved documents and instructions here.
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